Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One & Only Pure Baby ND

Hi All =)

The long awaited PURE NETHERLANDS DWARF baby has finally arrived!
This is our One and only Pure Netherlands Dwarf baby for this batch.

So be the 1st to reserve it!

Colour: Unique Full Pearl White with black eyes (SOLD)
Date of Birth: 25th March 2011
Breed: Pure Netherland Dwarf

Quantity: 1 
Price: $240/-

Please kindly contact us for reservation.
Viewing is available. Sms +65 9739 4846 to arrange.

***All rabbit comes with FREE 1 month supply of specially self-mixed premium pellets and 1 month supply of fresh Oxbow Timothy hay.  Top-Up an additional $30 ONLY for an exclusive complete bunny package of a large tank, water bottle and food tray.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Lynn! =) I'm very glad that I've purchased this pure white ND from you and thanks for your trust in me for taking good care of it =D 
    The bunny's very affectionate and it acclimatizes to its new environment very well =) It's well-behaved despite its young age coz I've come across young rabbits that can't sit still for a moment. This rabbit is different. It's a true blue ND indeed, as described in your blog. =)) 
    Kudos to you for putting in the dedication in ensuring the baby bunny stays strong and healthy since its birth ^^ 
    The alfalfa hay that comes with the purchase is very fresh and tender =)) It's much better than those commercially produced alfalfa hay sold in pet shops. My bunny loves it to bits!! I may need to buy it from you again if it doesn't want to eat the other alfalfa, haha!!
    Lynn is a friendly, honest and kind breeder. She gives top advice on rabbit care too =))
    I strongly recommend Bitz n Bunz to all rabbit lovers.
    *Motto: Keeping a pet is a life-long commitment*